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Every donation makes a difference. Find out where your money is going.

95% of funds raised say right here in Bermuda. 5% support Global Relay For Life's cancer control initiatives world wide.
In the first 4 annual events, Relay For Life of Bermuda raised over $2.2 million dollars helping bring radiation therapy to Bermuda.

Here’s how you’re making a difference

In 2018, the funds raised at Relay For Life of Bermuda will continue to support our radiation therapy initiative. Although the radiation therapy unit is now open, we are still working to raise the $10 million build fund. Once that has been reached, funds will support our Equal Access Fund ensuring all Bermuda residents referred for radiation treatment can receive treatment at our Centre regardless of one's health insurance coverage or ability to pay. This advancement to the Bermuda cancer treatment means that Bermudians and residents no longer need to fly away for their treatment and allows cancer patients to spend more time with their loved ones.

At Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre we believe it’s so important to show you, our supporters, just how vital Relay For Life is in our mission to beat cancer. As a community-funded organization, we rely on the goodwill of thousands of donors, fundraisers and volunteers to fund our much-needed programs.

You, our supporters, have played a huge part in this, and by continuing to participate in Relay For Life we will save more lives. Thank you.