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“We put the FUN in fundraising – find out how!”

Ten ways to become a Top Relay FUNdraising Team

The best fundraising tool you can use is promoting your team's fundraising page, which you can access through the Participant Centre after you've signed up. The Participant Centre makes it easier than ever.

Encourage your family and friends to make a donation online. Online donations also help you to recruit and communicate with your supporters and track your progress.

1. Use photos: Upload photos and a blog in the participant centre to encourage friends, family and colleagues to donate.
2. Aim High: Set a fundraising goal with your team and encourage your team members to set individual goals.
3. Share Information: Educate yourself and your team about where the money goes.
4. Dust off your address book: Send emails to family and friends. Ask for their support and tell them why you Relay! Send a link to your personal fundraising page so they are able to donate easily.
5. Success in numbers: Gather teams together and hold a multi-team fundraiser, such as a golf tournament or car wash.
6. Just ask: Ask for donations from at least three new people a week for 6 weeks ($10 each = $180!).
7. Use social media: Show you’re serious by making the very first donation and then share on your facebook page – tag your friends and ask them to share on their page to help spread the word. Be sure to sure #BermudaRelay
8. A little change makes a lot of cents: Ask your team members to collect spare change and donate it to Relay.
9. On-site fundraising: Host a fun fundraiser at your campsite on the day of Relay that other participants can get involved with.
10. Say THANK YOU: Thank your supporters and team. Let them know how grateful you are. Do it as personally as you can – no matter how big or small the donation..

Just a Few Examples of Team Fundraisers

  • Company Contribution-solicit a specific donation from your organisation above and beyond that raised by your team and apply the credit for incentives for all team members.
  • Auction (Silent or Live) - hold the event at your business, in your neighborhood, or at church. Ask for contributions of unique items. Display the items (or descriptions) prior to the event. Hold the auction over lunch or at a convenient time.
  • Bake for Cure's Sake - Hold a Friday bake sale at work so employees will have treats for the weekend. Encourage breakfast items, as well as sweets like bars and cookies.
  • Car Wash- an oldie, but a goodie. This works great for high school teams.
  • Quilting - do you have a team that makes quilts? Make quilt squares in honor and in memory of people with cancer. Ask for a contribution for different sizes: a 4" square for $5, an 8" square for $15, and a 12" square for $25. Display the quilt at a public location.
  • Photo Contest- hold a "stumper" photo contest. Ask employees to bring a baby or childhood photo of themselves that they believe no one can identify. Ask for a donation to make a guess. Give winners a contributed prize.
  • Ask for Contributions for:
    - The shirt off your back. Donors pay $ to write their names on the back of the shirt that gets worn for 24 hours
    - Food, any kind, anyway, anywhere
    - Art, both professional and student
    - Candles
    - Flowers
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