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Team Captain Meetings

All team captain meetings will be held at AXA XL on Bermudiana Rd

Items to accomplish by 1st Team Captain Meeting:

  • Hold a team meeting to get organized
  • Establish a team name
  • Identify your Co-Captain(s)
  • Go online to and complete team registration including paying registration fees
  • Create your team’s fundraising page – with this link, you will be able to direct friends and family to this location so they can support
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas for your team and delegate tasks
  • Hand out luminaria forms / bags to team members
  • Secure your tent (rental or buy)



Items to accomplish by 2nd Team Captain Meeting & Bank Night:

  • Hold a team meeting to focus on fundraising
  • Complete registration and collect registration fees for any new team members since last meeting
  • Establish a team theme (take a look at tent themes page)
  • Review team fundraising goal – how much have you raised so far?
  • Discuss team fundraisers pre-event and on-site
  • Ensure that your onsite fundraising registration and Electricity request form has been completed

Items to accomplish by this 3rd Team Captain Meeting & Bank Night:

  • Hold a team meeting to check fundraising status and begin event preparation
  • Review your team fundraising goal
  • Prepare a list of survivors on your team or that your team members know and invite them to participate in the Survivor’s lap - make sure they complete and submit a survivor form
  • Brainstorm your campsite ideas and assign team members to make preparations
  • Prepare your walker schedule for your team and make sure you have someone on the track at all times during the 24 hours
  • Collect funds raised to date and start finalizing event preparations

Deadline for all team registration - This will ensure trackside campsite allocation and for those teams who have raised $100 per person, team packs will be ready for collection.


TEAM PACK PICKUP | 9:30am - 12:30pm               At Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre

Please sent one team representative to collect your team packs which will include wrist bands,    t-shirts, and other goodies.


Volunteer Meeting, Team Pack collection (shirt & wrist bands) and Late Registration, Bank Night

6th Annual Relay For Life of Bermuda Event -  MAY 17  - 18
North Field, National Sports Centre

Items to accomplish by Relay Day:

  • Review your team fundraising goal and complete preparations to achieve your goal
  • Finalize campsite and onsite fundraising plans
  • Pick up t-shirts for your team members who raised their $100
  • Review event logistics/guidelines
May 31ST

Donation Deadlines

For your funds to be counted toward Top Fundraising prizes, they must be received no later than May 31. Donations will continue to be accepted throughout the year, 

June 11TH

Team Prize Giving

Held at XL Catlin, we invite teams to come and celebrate each other and their amazing accomplishments.